The AWS CDK lets you build reliable, scalable, cost-effective applications in the cloud with the considerable expressive power of a programming language.



  1. nodejsのインストール


  2. cdk

    sudo npm i -g aws-cdk
  3. CDKツールキットスタック

    cdk bootstrap



$ cdk init app --language typescript
Applying project template app for typescript
# Welcome to your CDK TypeScript project

This is a blank project for CDK development with TypeScript.

The `cdk.json` file tells the CDK Toolkit how to execute your app.

## Useful commands

* `npm run build`   compile typescript to js
* `npm run watch`   watch for changes and compile
* `npm run test`    perform the jest unit tests
* `cdk deploy`      deploy this stack to your default AWS account/region
* `cdk diff`        compare deployed stack with current state
* `cdk synth`       emits the synthesized CloudFormation template

Executing npm install...
✅ All done!


# リソースにタグを一律つける
cdk deploy --tags user=gekal


cdk destroy


サブコマンド 別名 説明
cdk list [STACKS..] ls Lists all stacks in the app
cdk synthesize [STACKS..] synth Synthesizes and prints the CloudFormation template for this stack
cdk bootstrap [ENVIRONMENTS..] Deploys the CDK toolkit stack into an AWS environment
cdk deploy [STACKS..] Deploys the stack(s) named STACKS into your AWS account
cdk import [STACK] Import existing resource(s) into the given STACK
cdk watch [STACKS..] Shortcut for 'deploy --watch'
cdk destroy [STACKS..] Destroy the stack(s) named STACKS
cdk diff [STACKS..] Compares the specified stack with the deployed stack or a local template file, and returns with status 1 if any difference is found
cdk metadata [STACK] Returns all metadata associated with this stack
cdk acknowledge [ID] ack Acknowledge a notice so that it does not show up anymore
cdk notices Returns a list of relevant notices
cdk init [TEMPLATE] Create a new, empty CDK project from a template.
cdk context Manage cached context values
cdk docs doc Opens the reference documentation in a browser
cdk doctor Check your set-up for potential problems


  1. AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) v2
  2. API Reference
  3. CDK Workshop
  4. AWS CDK の3種類の Construct を使ってデプロイしてみた