What is TTA(Test Time Augmentation)?


As its name suggests, Test Time Augmentation is augmentation be applied when test inference.

The nomarl augmentation is applied when feeding data to model or making datasets. What does TTA have the maening?

1. TTA

The mainly purpose of TTA is data augmentaion. Data augmentation is known as useful method to improve score.

When using TTA, we apply the augmentation to test datasets, and aggregate the result(by like averaging or Linear layer, etc).
Then, we can take the improved score same as appling augmenation to traindata when infer with using it.

This is the TTA trick and its so useful method when tackling competition like kaggle. In recently, the 4th solution of BirdCLEF2024 used TTA.

2. Summary

TTA is augmentation method when test time, and it help your machine learning models. please try it.