【Linux】How to setup the Ubuntu on windows


This time, I explain how to setup Ubuntu on the windows desktop pc.
The official install page is here.

1. Install the iso file

First, Install the iso file from Ubuntu install page.


2. Create the bootable USB

We have to create USB for install Ubuntu from iso file. It isn't simple copy, and requires some bespoke software.

Official tutorial reccoemnds balenaEtcher as tool, but I can't create bootable USB from it(don't finish creating and my USB was broken).

I used Universal-USB-Installer, another user recommended rufus as installer. I think should choice installer that fitting own environment.

*If you use NTFS format, a problem called wn-block(2 0) may occur. In that case, use a format other than NTFS (such as FAT).

3. BIOS setting

  1. Start the BIOS setting
    When the manufacturer's logo appears when booting the PC, press and hold a specified key (listed on the manufacturer's website or specifications. Generally, it is ESC, F2, F10, F12, delte, etc.) to display the BIOS screen.
  2. Changing the boot device settings
    Use the left and right arrow keys to select the [Boot] menu, and the boot device priority will be displayed. And move the items and set [USB] to the first priority.
  3. Disabling Secure Boot
    Select the [Security] menu, select [Secure Boot Settings] from the menu, and set [Secure Boot] to "Disabled."
  4. Exit
    Select the [Exit] menu and then select [Save Settings and Exit].

The message [Verification failed: (0x1A) Security Violation] was shown when restart PC without disabling secure boot in my env.

4. Restart

After the BIOS setting, restart the pc. If everything went well, you will see the "DIR [Linux-ISOs]" selection screen.

I had a lot of trouble here, and tried Ctrl + Alt + either F1 to F12 or esc or del. If that doesn't work, try re-installing the USB installer and re-setting the BIOS.

After "DIR [Linux-ISOs]" is displayed, follow the steps below to start Ubuntu.

  1. DIR [Linux-ISOs]
  2. XXX GB Ubuntu-22.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso
  3. Boot in normal mode
  4. Option: Boot with /UUI/Linux-ISOs/ubuntu-22.04.3-desktop-amd64.rw
  5. Try or Install Ubuntu

start the Ubuntu after step5 like this:

5. Initial setting of Ubuntu

The initial setup of Ubuntu will begin, so follow the instructions to complete the setup.
By selecting "Erase disk and install Ubuntu" during this process, your PC's main OS will switch from Windows to Ubuntu.

Other Setting Recommended:

  • Do not install third-party libraries
  • Partition: Select use as boot to allocate 1GB of boot space and mount the rest to / (root)
  • Install OpenSSH-Server

Once the initial setup is complete, you'll be able to use Ubuntu. When you select "Erase disk and install Ubuntu", please remove the bootable USB the next time you reboot. (If you leave it plugged in, it will not boot.)


This time, I explained how to install Ubuntu based on my own experience.


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