Netlify does not load customed code when deploy Vuepress blog


Hope you have a nice day. Please give me a little time.

I’m using a theme (vuepress-theme-gungnir) to make a little blog with Vuepress. Now I have finished personal edition to custom this theme.

Everything run perfectly at local (in dev mode, which I use npm run docs:dev), as well as after I run npm run docs:build, I also get a perfectly static files which is all custommed.

But after deploy to netlify, all my customs seems disappear. It only appear with original gungnir theme. The same thing happen with vercel. Other code in some *.vue files also disappear.
(I dont know why, despite of original code were edited but it still render with original code, I dont know where netlify get it from)

I have been looking for many ways to figure it out, have tried many time to fix it, but there are very less information and it’s not fixed at all. So I decide to ask you here with a hope.

You can clone my repo here to run local to see the difference.

Check the theme here:

Deployd on Netlify:

I am very appreciate your help. Thank you so much.

This is my custom code
My custom

This is default code
default gungnir theme