Must-Have Backend Developer Skills


A backend developer is one who makes use of the technology required to develop the products for the backend of any website. A backend developer is responsible for building the structure of a software application.

Backend developers typically work in groups or with a team. Large teams include both backend and frontend developers where both the developers collaborate to develop viable products. Backend developers collaborate with frontend developers, principal architects, product managers, and testers to contribute their part and develop a product.

Backend developers use various kinds of tools, languages, and frameworks to accomplish these tasks. To do all this, they use a variety of server-side languages, including Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, NodeJS, and Java. They also use tools like MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, and SQL server to create, read, update or delete data and serve it back to the client-side or the frontend of the application.

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Must-Have Skills

  • Object-oriented (OOP)
  • Functional programming
  • Python
  • Java
  • .NET
  • Ruby
  • Knowledge about database, api, and servers