What you do that defines you



"It's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you."

"自分の本心ではなく、自分の行動こそが自分を形作る" みたいな感じかな。


Self Management

Active learning

Through creative projects, It is really important that I keep looking for the best way to code, which fits my style. That is, I always need to catch up with new tech knowledges; otherwise, I would not obtain competitive advantages among engineers.


Metacognition is the concept that a person objectively recognize own thinkings, feeling, and actions. Along this notion, people can figure out the gap between the way we are and the way we should be.

Focus on my task

Separating my tasks from others' should be always kept in mind since intenitons of other people is usually out of my control. Don't stress out yourself by reaching tasks that are supposed to be done by others.

Communicative competence

Attentive Listening

People under work would have more interactive communications than I do at this point. Remember who are infront of me for job interviews is just a person. People generally prefer one who listens to them more and is empathetic to them to another. It depends. Feel the best way that match each situation.

Conclusion first

Conclusion comes first so listeners can effectively find intentions from my speaking. As better I get at, the efficiency and accuracy of conveying my points reach a higher level. Also, this help me to introduce logical thinking in my framework.