> git-sizer --help
Usage of :
      --branches              process all branches
      --tags                  process all tags
      --remotes               process all remote-tracking branches
  -v, --verbose               report all statistics, whether concerning or not
      --threshold threshold   minimum level of concern (i.e., number of stars) that should be
                              reported (default --threshold=1)
      --critical              only report critical statistics
      --names style           display names of large objects in the specified style:
        --names=none            omit footnotes entirely
        --names=hash            show only the SHA-1s of objects
        --names=full            show full names (default full)
  -j, --json                  output results in JSON format
      --json-version uint     JSON format version to output (1 or 2) (default 1)
      --progress              report progress to stderr (default true)
      --version               report the git-sizer version number
      --no-progress           suppress progress output
error: pflag: help requested