Hi, I'm Rei from Japan!
I'm a student of web development in Canada and a freelance developer.
I have 5+ years of experience as a web developer.
It's my first time writing a blog, so very exciting!

Please check my portfolio site:)
Portfolio No.1
Portfolio No.2


After graduate University, I joined an e-learning company as a full-stack developer.
I've experienced all of the processes, from planning to deployment and maintenance.
And also the project manager of a new service project.

But I'd like to study English and work in a foreign country, so I'm just learning Web development and English in Canada!

Skills -スキル


C#, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript


Next.js, ASP.NET

Database management:

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Other technologies:

AWS, Docker


I'm fishing crazy!
To catch the unique fish, I've been to all over the world.
I went amazon river, the Arctic and so on.

And also Anime:)

What I would like to do in the future

My dream is to become a developer who can work in any country.
So, first of all, I'm trying to work in Canada!
Please contact me anytime as I am seeking employment!

I will do my best to live a life where I can enjoy my hobbies and work 100%!
Thank you very much in advance.