What Is The CCNA Certification?


What Is The CCNA Certification?
The CCNA, which is a shorthand for Cisco Certified Network Associate is entry level Information Technology (IT) certification offered by the networking hardware manufacturer Cisco. It CCNA can be used to prove your understanding of the basic networking concepts that are often required when working in networking IT roles.
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Here's a quick overview of the most important facts:
To obtain the CCNA certification, you must pass a test, which is 200-301 CCNA.
To take the CCNA exam is $300, which includes tax.
There aren't any prerequisites required to pass the test however, some training and prior experience in computer networks are suggested.
CCNA is a frequently sought-after IT certification. There are more than 9000 job postings on Glassdoor and over 6,000 on Indeed that reference it in the US in May 2022.
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It is the Cisco Certified Network Associate ( CCNA) certification is among Cisco's most desired beginning IT certifications. The CCNA test is designed to assess the skills and knowledge professionals in the field need to have to configure, install and troubleshoot networks of medium size.
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The CCNA is an official Cisco accreditation for network professionals. This certification allows you to gain a thorough understanding of many topics, including:
Routers and switches
VLANs and trunking
ACLs and NATs
Network utilities (ping tracert, arp)
Model of TCP/IP
Subnetting and IP Addressing
Automation and the ability to program
Protocols for routing, such as OSPF