UPM Release Notes - 2020.2 Features



この記事は、 2020年版 Unity Package Manager の Release Notes 全部抜く の部分記事です。

Unity 2020.2 での Unity Package Manager に関する Features を詳細を記しています。


Scoped Registries を Editor 上で設定するための UI を追加

Added a UI for users to manage their Scoped Registries from inside the Editor. Also added a popup alert for when Scoped Registries are added to their project from outside that Scoped Registries management UI. The Scoped Registries management UI automatically opens when the popup appears.https://youtu.be/8atK0oOxutk


Project Settings 内に UPM の詳細設定を追加

Added advanced Project Settings for the Package Manager.

2019.3 にもありましたね。

Asset Store は移動しました画面内に、「次からは直接ブラウザで開く」チェックが追加

Added an option on the Asset Store Has Moved window to skip it in future. If enabled, this setting opens the Asset Store directly in the browser when clicking on Window > Asset Store, and the user will not see the Asset Store Has Moved window again once they close it.



Added support for distinguishing between operation and state errors.


Asset Store の My Asset をダウンロードする際に、一時停止・再開ボタンを追加

Added the Pause and Resume buttons when downloading Asset Store packages in the My Assets context in the Package Manager.


Added the ability to extract any hyperlinks and display them as text in an Asset Store package description (when in My Assets list context). This allows the user to copy them so they can still visit the page (until hyperlinks are supported in descriptions).


Markdown 対応してくれー 🙏

Preview Packages in Use ドロップダウンメニュー追加

Added the Preview Packages in Use dropdown menu.

2020.1 にもありましたね。

ChangeLog と License の URL が指定可能に

Added changelogUrl and licensesUrl as optional properties that can be specified in the package.json of a custom package. If specified, the auto-generated changelog and license links will be replaced with custom URLs.

今まではパッケージに含めないとダメだったけど、今後は package.json に URL 書けば OK らしい。便利!

環境変数から UPM 設定ファイルのパスを指定可能に

Introduced two new environment variables to override the user and global configuration file path. UPM_GLOBAL_CONFIG_FILE overrides the default path to the global configuration file, and UPM_USER_CONFIG_FILE overrides the default path to the user configuration file.

2020.1 にもありましたね。

UI からのエラーは UPM 起因であるコトを明示

Made console log errors from Package Manager UI clearly specify that they are from [Package Manager Window]. Also modified error messages in the UI so that they do not prompt the user to 'see console for more details' if no details are logged in the console.



Modified the appearance of the Package Manager window to highlight preview packages.

2020.1 にもありましたね。

パッケージ詳細のインタフェースを変更し、Full Version を表示したりタグを表示したりする

Modified the package details interface to display the full version of a package, including tags. Removed the '(Current)' note from the release details view of UPM packages.

Full Version とか Tags とかがイマイチ分からん…。

2020.1 との違いが判然とせず。


Modified the package details interface to display the installation path for locally installed packages.


Window の更新ボタンから更新する種類を選択出来るように

Modified the refresh button in the Package Manager window to a drop-down that selects the type of refresh to perform.

手動更新を UI からできるようになった、って感じかな。


Enable Preview Packages の設定を Project Settings の Package Manager 設定ページに移動

Moved the Enable Preview Packages option in the Package Manager Project Settings window.

2020.1 の時点でそうなってるハズなんだけど、敢えて強調して伝えてる感じかな?


Split the Package Name into Name and Organization.

パッケージ名の末尾を Name として扱い、その手前を Organization として扱う。