Cloud Native Security Con North America 2023: A Recap


What is Cloud Native Security Con Europe 2023?

Cloud Native Security Con North America 2023 was a two-day event that took place in Seattle, Washington, on February 1-2, 2023. The event was designed to foster collaboration, discussion and knowledge sharing of developer first cloud native security practices.


Cloud native security is a holistic approach to securing cloud-based applications and infrastructure, from the operating system to the container to the application layer. Cloud native security seeks to ensure the same or higher conditions of diligence, integrity, trust, and threat prevention as traditional security models while integrating modern concepts of ephemerality, distribution, and immutability.

Some of the key topics covered in the event were:

  • Cloud native security best practices and challenges
  • Cloud native security projects and tools
  • Cloud native security case studies and use cases
  • Cloud native security trends and future directions

Some of the highlights of the event were:

  • A keynote by Liz Rice, VP of Open Source Engineering at Aqua Security, on the state of cloud native security and the role of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) in fostering collaboration and innovation in this space.

  • A panel discussion on the cloud native security whitepaper, a collaborative effort by the CNCF Technical Advisory Group for Security (TAG-Security) to provide a comprehensive overview of cloud native security principles, challenges, and solutions.

  • A workshop on how to use Prisma Cloud, a comprehensive cloud native security platform by Palo Alto Networks, to secure cloud native applications and infrastructure across multiple clouds.

    What Is Cloud Native Security?

  • A session on how to leverage Kubernetes, the de facto standard for orchestrating cloud native applications, to implement multilayered security, from the facility to the network to the hardware to the OS to the middleware to the application to the user.

    Overview of Cloud Native Security

  • A session on how to use Spyderbat, a cloud native runtime security solution that secures cloud and container-based workloads throughout the software development lifecycle, with complete and consistent visibility across cloud environments.
    Meet Spyderbat at Cloud Native SecurityCon NA 2023!

Cloud Native Security Con North America 2023 was a successful and informative event that showcased the latest developments and best practices in cloud native security. The event also provided a platform for networking and learning from peers and experts in the cloud native security community. For more information about the event, visit the official website or the CNCF blog.