Flutter開発者インタビューの質問(Part 1)





  1. Flutterとは何か、説明しなさい。
  2. Flutterを使用する4つの利点を挙げてください。
  3. Flutterの制限事項をいくつか挙げてください。
  4. Flutterを開発した人物を挙げよ。
  5. Flutterで開発できるアプリケーションの種類をいくつか挙げてください。
  6. なぜFlutterはユニークなのか?
  7. Flutterを使用するために必要なスキルは何か?
  8. Flutterを使うにはどのようなソフトスキルが必要ですか?
  9. Flutterを使った経験について説明してください。
  10. Flutterを使用する際に、何か問題に遭遇したことはありますか?
  11. Flutterの様々なビルドモードについて説明してください。


1. Flutterで開発できるアプリケーションの種類をいくつか例示してください。



2. Flutterを使うにはどのようなスキルが必要ですか?


  • SQLの知識
  • プログラミング言語Dartの知識
  • Flutterフレームワークの知識
  • Gitの知識
  • Androidモバイル開発スキル
  • iOSモバイル開発スキル

4. Flutterとは何かを説明する。


5. Flutterを使うことの利点を4つ挙げてください。


  • Flutterは、複数のプラットフォームで楽に開発できる
  • Flutterの詳細なドキュメントがあり、開発者はそれを参照することができます。
  • 開発速度を上げ、UIのリフレッシュを容易にする便利なJIT機能を備えている。
  • Flutterコミュニティからの情報に簡単にアクセスできる。

English ver.

11 General Flutter Developer Interview Questions

11 general Flutter developer interview questions to test your knowledge of the Flutter framework.

  1. Explain what Flutter is.
  2. List 4 advantages of using Flutter.
  3. List some of the limitations of Flutter.
  4. Name the person who developed Flutter.
  5. List some of the types of applications that can be developed with Flutter.
  6. Why is Flutter unique?
  7. What skills are required to use Flutter?
  8. What soft skills are required to use Flutter?
  9. Describe your experience with Flutter.
  10. Have you encountered any problems when using Flutter?
  11. Please describe the various build modes of Flutter.

1. Give some examples of the types of applications that can be developed in Flutter.

Did you know that Flutter can be used to build mobile apps for both OS and Android?

Web, Linux, and Mac applications can also be described as examples of apps that can use Flutter.

2. What skills are required to use Flutter?

You need to know that hard skills are essential to use the Flutter framework. In answering this question, you can list some of the following hard skills

  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Knowledge of the Dart programming language
  • Knowledge of the Flutter framework
  • Knowledge of Git
  • Android mobile development skills
  • iOS mobile development skills

4. Explain what Flutter is.

Flutter is an open source framework and toolkit used by developers to create applications using the Dart programming language. It should also be explained that programming in Flutter can be accomplished with a single code base.

5. List four advantages of using Flutter.

Here are four benefits of using Flutter. (Example)

  • Flutter allows for effortless development on multiple platforms
  • Flutter has detailed documentation that developers can refer to
  • It has a convenient JIT feature that speeds up development and facilitates UI refreshes.
  • Easy access to information from the Flutter community.