[Elixir]`mix local` の local ってどこ?





$ mix help local

                                   mix local

Lists local tasks.

Location: /usr/local/Cellar/elixir/1.13.4/lib/mix/ebin

mix localコマンドはローカルのタスクを一覧表示してくれます。

mix localの実装はここになります。




$ iex(1)> Mix.path_for(:archives)

つまり、mix localの"ローカル"とは、"ホーム"つまりユーザー環境の.mix/archivesのことを指しているようです。

mix localと件数を比較

$ mix local
mix hex              # Prints Hex help information
mix hex.audit        # Shows retired Hex deps for the current project
mix hex.build        # Builds a new package version locally
mix hex.config       # Reads, updates or deletes local Hex config
mix hex.docs         # Fetches or opens documentation of a package
mix hex.info         # Prints Hex information
mix hex.install      # false
mix hex.organization # Manages Hex.pm organizations
mix hex.outdated     # Shows outdated Hex deps for the current project
mix hex.owner        # Manages Hex package ownership
mix hex.package      # Fetches or diffs packages
mix hex.publish      # Publishes a new package version
mix hex.registry     # Manages local Hex registries
mix hex.repo         # Manages Hex repositories
mix hex.retire       # Retires a package version
mix hex.search       # Searches for package names
mix hex.sponsor      # Show Hex packages accepting sponsorships
mix hex.user         # Manages your Hex user account
mix local.phx        # Updates the Phoenix project generator locally
mix phx.new          # Creates a new Phoenix v1.6.10 application
mix phx.new.ecto     # Creates a new Ecto project within an umbrella project
mix phx.new.web      # Creates a new Phoenix web project within an umbrella project
mix still.new        # nil

$ mix local | wc -l

$ exa --no-user -T /Users/XXXX/.mix/archives | ag Tasks
.rw-r--r--   2.6k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.Audit.beam
.rw-r--r--    15k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.beam
.rw-r--r--    17k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.Build.beam
.rw-r--r--   6.9k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.Config.beam
.rw-r--r--    11k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.Docs.beam
.rw-r--r--   8.0k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.Info.beam
.rw-r--r--   4.6k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.Install.beam
.rw-r--r--   6.4k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.Organization.beam
.rw-r--r--   9.3k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.Outdated.beam
.rw-r--r--   5.2k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.Owner.beam
.rw-r--r--   9.7k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.Package.beam
.rw-r--r--    14k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.Publish.beam
.rw-r--r--   8.0k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.Registry.beam
.rw-r--r--   6.5k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.Repo.beam
.rw-r--r--   3.5k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.Retire.beam
.rw-r--r--   3.9k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.Search.beam
.rw-r--r--   2.6k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.Sponsor.beam
.rw-r--r--   7.5k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Hex.User.beam
.rw-r--r--   2.0k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Local.Phx.beam
.rw-r--r--    16k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Phx.New.beam
.rw-r--r--   3.1k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Phx.New.Ecto.beam
.rw-r--r--   2.8k  7 Jun 16:36  │        ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Phx.New.Web.beam
.rw-r--r--   4.6k  8 Jun 18:15        │  ├── Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Still.New.beam

$ e --no-user -T /Users/XXXX/.mix/archives | ag Tasks | wc -l


mix help archive.install の冒頭にそれらしいことが書いてありました。

$ mix help archive.install

                              mix archive.install

Installs an archive locally.

If no argument is supplied but there is an archive in the project's root
directory (created with mix archive.build), then the archive will be installed
locally. For example:

    mix do archive.build, archive.install

If an argument is provided, it should be a local path to a prebuilt archive, a
Git repository, a GitHub repository, or a Hex package.

    mix archive.install archive.ez
    mix archive.install path/to/archive.ez
    mix archive.install git https://path/to/git/repo
    mix archive.install git https://path/to/git/repo branch git_branch
    mix archive.install git https://path/to/git/repo tag git_tag
    mix archive.install git https://path/to/git/repo ref git_ref
    mix archive.install github user/project
    mix archive.install github user/project branch git_branch
    mix archive.install github user/project tag git_tag
    mix archive.install github user/project ref git_ref
    mix archive.install hex hex_package
    mix archive.install hex hex_package 1.2.3

After installation, the tasks in the archive are available locally:

    mix some_task

Note that installing via Git, GitHub, or Hex fetches the source of the archive
and builds it, while using local path uses a pre-built archive.

## Command line options--sha512 - checks the archive matches the given SHA-512 checksum. Only
    applies to installations via a local path
  • --force - forces installation without a shell prompt; primarily
    intended for automation in build systems like Make
  • --submodules - fetches repository submodules before building archive
    from Git or GitHub
  • --app - specifies a custom app name to be used for building the archive
    from Git, GitHub, or Hex
  • --organization - set this for Hex private packages belonging to an
  • --repo - set this for self-hosted Hex instances, defaults to hexpm

Location: /usr/local/Cellar/elixir/1.13.4/lib/mix/ebin