Where will the cloud be heading in 2023?


Developers and cloud computing, since the beginning, have been intertwined in a symbiotic relationship. As competitiveness in the realm of IT is increasing with every passing day, organizations are expanding their horizons to enhance productivity and efficiency. Cloud migration across countless industry verticals has been relentless due to flexibility, economy, and scalability.

After heading into 2023, we understand that the cost of cloud will skyrocket in the coming days. In addition, the disruptive volatility in the overall economy will add fire to gasoline due to the constant shifts in IT. Cloud providers are being open about how the cost of adapting cloud technology is getting out of hand.

Cloud services for the general public are reaching the $600 Billion mark. Jason Fried, CEO of, Basecamp, said the increase in the cost is due to people hoarding the space in the cloud ‘just in case.’ By the looks of it, ‘just in case’ is why time, energy, and resources are laid to go down to waste. Read more: https://cloudzenix.com/blogs/cloud-computing/where-will-the-cloud-be-heading-in-2023/