The Gold Rush of AI Systems Begins Now!


When Google first launched, people typing in the search query “please give me today’s weather” would be considered unusual, because that’s what it was a query. “You don’t talk to a computer!” was the generally accepted view. Slowly and steadily, these queries have been moving closer and closer to questions.
“Natural Language Processing” was the key phrase. The goal was that the systems to be able to understand how people talk in their regular daily life. The complex neural networks, machine learning algorithms were developed for this purpose. The idea is that instead of teaching the computer how to understand, we give it the tools to learn how to understand. We take humans out of the equation. Instead of teaching it languages, we teach the computer how to detect patterns and learn from those patterns it themselves, occasionally intervening to tweak the importance, the weight, given to each data source point. Read more: https://cloudzenix.com/the-gold-rush-of-ai-systems-has-just-begun/