Why Cloud Computing?


Cloud computing is a way of providing shared computing resources. These resources include applications, computing, storage, networking, development and deployment platforms as well as business processes. By providing standardization and automation, cloud computing makes computing resources easier to use.

However, Cloud Computing doesn’t mean that it consists of only one cloud. The term ‘Cloud’ symbolizes the Internet, which in itself is a network of networks. Also, all forms of remote computing are not Cloud Computing. Read More - Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Now that we know the basics of cloud computing, a question that crosses our mind is why should we use cloud computing? The following are some convincing points for why you should use cloud computing-

  • Cloud computing reduces the costs of buying hardware and software considerably.
  • Every resource is just a click away, you can access it anywhere from any device- all you need is just a good internet connection.
  • It is highly scalable- you can easily increase the capacity according to the demand. Users can scale services to fit their needs, and they can customize them as well.
  • Security- Cloud service providers spend plenty of resources to provide quality services to their clients, security being one of them.
  • Reliable- Cloud is a reliable source of storage. Back up and recovery of data is easy, less expensive, and very fast.
  • Efficient and productive in terms of cost and time- Enterprise users can access services and applications easily without having to worry about underlying structures and the cost of infrastructures. This increases the productivity of the firm.

Now let’s look at some of the important characteristics of cloud computing that make this so trending and popular.