Introduction to ADM-201 Certification Exam Dumps


The ADM-201 Certification Exam is a widely recognized certification that validates a professional's expertise in the Salesforce Administrator role. The ADM-201 Certification Exam is administered by Salesforce, which is a leading cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This certification exam tests a candidate's knowledge of Salesforce administration, configuration, and customization. Passing the ADM-201 Certification Exam is a significant milestone in a https://www.certsout.com/Salesforce-Practice-Test.html administrator's career as it showcases their skills and knowledge in the industry.

Benefits of ADM-201 Certification Exam

Earning an ADM-201 Certification can be highly beneficial to professionals working in the Salesforce ecosystem. Here are some benefits of the ADM-201 Certification Exam:

Enhanced Career Opportunities: The https://www.certsout.com/Salesforce-Administrator-cert-tests.html ADM-201 Certification Exam is highly respected in the Salesforce community. It validates a professional's expertise in the Salesforce Administrator role, making them eligible for various job opportunities in this domain.

Increased Salary: According to the Salesforce Salary Survey, certified Salesforce administrators earn a higher salary compared to non-certified professionals. Thus, earning an ADM-201 Certification can help professionals boost their earning potential.

Industry Recognition: The ADM-201 Certification is recognized by the industry, which helps professionals stand out in the job market. It demonstrates that a professional has the required skills and knowledge to work in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Understanding ADM-201 Exam Dumps

ADM-201 Exam Dumps are a set of practice questions and answers that can help candidates prepare for the ADM-201 Certification Exam. These dumps are created based on the real exam questions, and they are designed to simulate the actual exam experience.

ADM-201 Exam Dumps are usually available online, and candidates can access them for free or at a fee. Some websites offer a set of free practice questions, while others provide a comprehensive study guide with multiple practice exams. These https://www.certsout.com/ADM-201-test.html dumps can be highly useful for candidates as they provide an opportunity to test their knowledge and identify their weak areas.

How to Use ADM-201 Exam Dumps

To effectively use ADM-201 Exam Dumps, candidates must follow these steps:

Understand the Exam Structure: Before using ADM-201 Exam Dumps, candidates must familiarize themselves with the exam structure. They must understand the number of questions, the time duration, and the type of questions asked in the exam.

Identify Weak Areas: Candidates must take the practice exam provided in the dumps and identify their weak areas. This will help them focus on the areas they need to improve.

Focus on Key Concepts: Candidates must focus on the key concepts and topics tested in the exam. They must use the ADM-201 Exam Dumps to reinforce their understanding of these concepts.

Monitor Progress: Candidates must monitor their progress regularly by taking the practice exams provided in the dumps. This will help them assess their readiness for the exam and identify areas where they need more practice.

ADM-201 Practice Exam

https://www.certsout.com/ ADM-201 Practice Exam is a mock exam that simulates the actual ADM-201 Certification Exam. These practice exams are designed to help candidates prepare for the exam and assess their readiness. The ADM-201 Practice Exam includes a set of questions similar to those asked in the actual exam.

There are several websites that offer ADM-201 Practice Exams. These exams can be taken online, and candidates can get immediate feedback on their performance. Taking the ADM-201 Practice Exam can help candidates identify their weak areas and improve their performance.

Tips for ADM-201 Exam Testing

Here are some tips that can help candidates prepare for the ADM-201 Exam Testing:

Understand the Exam Format: Candidates must understand the exam format, including the number of https://www.certsout.com/vendors.html questions, the time duration, and the type of questions asked in the exam.

Question 1
DreamHouse Realty regularly holds open houses for the selling of both houses and condominiums. For condominium open houses, there are a few extra steps that need to be taken. Agents need to be able to submit requests and receive approvals from the homeowners' association.

How can the administrator ensure these extra steps only appear when creating open house records for condominiums?

ACreate one page layout. Use record types to ensure the proper status picklist values display.
BCreate two page layouts. Use business processes and record types to display the appropriate picklist values.
CCreate one page layout. Use business processes to ensure the proper status picklist values display.
DCreate two page layouts, one with a House Status field and the other with a Condominium Status field.

Question 2
What should an administrator use as an identifier when importing and updating records from a separate system?

ARich Text field
BRecord ID
CAuto-Number field
DExternal ID

Question 3
Ursa Major Solar wants its sales reps to be aware when they are speaking with high-profile customers.

Which two options should be added to the Lightning record pages to achieve this?

Choose 2 answers

ACustom Component
BHighlight Panel
CAction and Recommendations
DComponent Visibility Filter
ERich Text Area

Question 4
Universal Containers has a private sharing model for Opportunities and uses Opportunity teams. Criteria-based sharing rules a sales rep at Universal Containers leaves the company and their user record is deactivated. The rep is later rehired in V administrator activates the old user record. The user is added to the same default Opportunity teams but h no longer able records the user worked on before leaving the company.

What is the likely cause?

AThe stage of the Opportunity records was changed to closed lost.
BPermission sets were removed when the user was deactivated.
CThe record type of the Opportunity records was changed.
DThe records were manual shared with the user.

Question 5
Marketing users at Cloud Kicks should be able to view and edit converted leads. The administrator has assigned them permission set with the View and edit Converted Leads permission.

Which two ways can the marketing users now access converted leads for editing?

Choose 2 answers

AFind them in the global search result.
BSearch the Recent Records component on the homepage.
CUtilize a list view where lead status equals Qualified.
DUse the Data Import Wizard,

Question 6
What data loss considerations should an administrator keep in mind when changing a custom field type from Text to Picklist?

Choose 2 answers

AThere will be no data loss with use of a global value set.
BAssignment and escalation rules may be affected.
CAuto updates will be made to Visualforce references to prevent data loss.
DAny list view based on the custom field is deleted.

Question 7
The administrator at AW Consulting has created a custom picklist field. Business users have requested that it be a text field. The administrator attempts to change the field type but, is unable to because it is referenced by other functionalities.

Which functionality is preventing the field type from being changed?

AFormula fields
BRecord types