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本書の標本写真や図は生物学的な教育目的や研究目的だけでなく, その他の用途にも利用可能です (例えば画像解析, デザイン, アート, etc.).


  1. 学術的に形態情報を集めている人
  2. アイディアのために生物の形を参考にしたい人
  3. 貝類や化石の写真が好きな人

"Morphological collection in Paleobiology"

The purpose of this book is to document morphological specimens of living organisms in images that can be used, copied, modified, and redistributed.
Over 4.6 billion-year history of the Earth, lives have varied in forms.
The morphological biodiversity can be a source of ideas.
The photographs and diagrams in this book can be used for biological education, research, and other purposes (e.g., image analysis, design, art, etc.).

This book was written assuming following readers:

  1. those who are collecting morphological information for academic study.
  2. those who need various biological form samples to create ideas.
  3. those who like to see pictures of shells or fossils.

この科学コレクションは愛媛大学における研究及び学習の過程 (2007-2018)で収集されたものです.

I hope morphological collection in this book helps not only studies but also creative activities.
This scientific collection has been collected while studying at Ehime University (2007-2018).

Yuji Sode

Morphological collection in Paleobiology
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